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Welcome to my Oliverse
The adventures of oliver ostrich

„Fasten your Seatbelts my friends. We are about to take off.“

Born to his ostrich parents at Fort Bliss in New Mexico in 1955, Oliver was predestined to become an astronaut as soon as his undeniable intelligence and limitless curiosity became apparent to everyone.

After 4 years of schooling and training he became the first ostrich to fly a rocket into space.His rocket took off beautifully .. but something went wrong and the buster caught fire. Oliver had to cut off the motor from the cockpit  .. and he went adrift ..

He drifted for a long time in his little cockpit and drifted away into deep space.

He tried not to loose hope by singing Elvis, taking pictures and observing the stars. Then his capsule drifted into a galactic ice belt and crashed onto one of the larger ice chunks.

Olivers Adventures
Once upon in time


Oliver in California


Leaving Earth


Olivers Spae Garage

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The Creators
Created with passion & love

Aline Hafezi

Born and raised in Berlin, Aline is an artist who painted Oliver after talking to Mio about creating a new character for their son Vincent for his bedtime stories. They now live in a small but beautiful country of Montenegro.

Mio Dzakula

Mio is an artist and a writer from California. After his son Vincent asked for some new bedtime stories, Mio created Oliver and opened up a new world with many stories and adventures that will please many, many children from all over the world. Together with Vincent’s mama Aline, who painted Oliver, the small family now lives in beautiful Montenegro.  

Melanie & André

MAD42 is a design-couple from Germany. They have 30 years of experience in Digital Art and Animation. In benefit of that they are helping to rise the Oliverse online for the upgrowing Fan-Community of Oliver the Ostrich.

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